#NephMadness 16: Let’s win it for the Fellows

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NephMadness 2016

It’s finally arrived, the fourth annual NephMadness has dropped with 32 new Nephrology concepts battling it out for the month of March to see who will be crowned champion. Fully referenced blog posts on each of the topics are available at AJKD Blog and an explanation of the event can be found here for our new participants. Essentially, it involves reading up on the content provided and deciding which Nephrology concepts win in head to head, knockout match-play. You may fill out your bracket (pick your winners) using our online tournament page until March 23rd.

I’m hoping this year the winning participant will be a fellow/resident (or SpR/SHO) or better still a group of trainees. Last year there was a trend towards fellowship programs coming together, debating the topics and matchups and making their picks as a team. This is a fantastic way to extend the free online medical content to real-world flipped classroom teaching sessions at your institution. I’d also love to see this extend outside of the US to SpR training programs in Europe, Asia and beyond. So I propose you enter the contest individually but also with your colleagues as a group. Eternal glory awaits!

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