Educational Video to Promote Research in Dialysis

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A research team led by Jenny Flythe at the University of North Carolina have developed a 9-minute dialysis research education video. Diverse dialysis stakeholders have identified increasing research knowledge among patients and clinic personnel as key to fostering research ready clinic cultures.

The video aims to teach patients and clinical staff about research and generate enthusiasm about dialysis research. The video features a dialysis patient and nurse, and its content was informed by input from over 75 stakeholders. The video answers such questions as

“What is research?”
“How do researchers keep study participants safe?”
“Why might I want to participate in research?” 

In dialysis clinics, the video might be shown on screens at dialysis treatment stations prior to the start of a new research study. Clinics can also show the video in clinic lobbies, holding “lobby days” for patients to ask researchers, medical providers and clinic personnel questions about research in general or specific studies. It can also be used in clinical staff meetings to teach research basics, or made available for home therapies patients and their care partners to watch at home.

For researchers, the video can help dialysis clinic personnel prepare for facilitating research studies. It can be used as a conversation tool for interested research participants to discuss research perceptions and study information. Medical providers may also find it helpful, to learn basics that enable them to promote research interest among patients.

View the free, downloadable video:

Investigative Team Members: Jenny Flythe, MD, MPH, Laura Dember, MD, Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee, PhD, Jonathan Oberlander, PhD, Antoinette Ordish, MS, and Caroline Wilkie.

Funding: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Engagement Award #3253

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