POCUS orientation videos

Abhilash Koratala, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Learning POCUS is like acquiring physical examination skills. It takes time and involves gaining proficiency in image acquisition, interpretation, and clinical integration. While hands-on practice is a vital component, the learner must have a good understanding of the ultrasound modes, image orientation, anatomy, and core pathologies prior to scanning. Following short videos serve as a beginners’ guide for nephrology fellows/faculty who are getting ready to enhance their physical examination using POCUS in the new academic year.

Key imaging modes, principles of image orientation and interpretation

Kidney ultrasound: Sonographic anatomy and core pathologies

Lung ultrasound: tips on image acquisition and distinguishing normal from abnormal

Focused cardiac ultrasound: description of basic views and anatomic orientation

Focused cardiac ultrasound: Common abnormalities to look for on a basic echo. Advanced applications such as Doppler hemodynamics are not covered


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