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Conall O’ Seaghdha

Under Pressure!

Renal failure occurring in the setting of acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is traditionally believed to be due to renal hypoperfusion from poor “forward flow”. This mechanism has intuitive appeal, and appears to be borne out by our…

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The Secrets of Tassin

No, this is not the title of the next Dan Brown novel (although the quality of the writing may sometimes compare, you will not find phrases like “the famous man looked at the red cup” here). I’m referring…

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Epo: The honeymoon is not over

Having just returned from my own honeymoon, I was taken by this recent hypothesis-piece by Fishbane et al. They have made some observations on the natural history of untreated renal anemia from examining the placebo arm of the…

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This isn’t meant to be happening…

A paradigm of modern genetic studies, such as GWAS, is that there is a natural balance to allelic variation, with common variation in the population conferring mild disease risk and, conversely, genes of strong disease effect being rare….

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Stopping statins in dialysis patients

It can often be difficult to stop something once it’s been started; take statins for example. It seems that despite consistent evidence from two large, randomized controlled trails demonstrating the lack efficacy of statins for preventing cardiovascular mortality…

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The PPI Paradox

Millions of people take long-term proton pump inhibitors for acid-related GI complaints. These agents are very effective and appear to have an excellent safety profile. However, they may also have interesting effects on calcium and phosphate balance that…

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World Cup fever

Congratulations to the USA and England on going through to the second round of the World Cup today. As an Irishman, I will confess to a modicum of schadenfreude at the humiliating exit of France yesterday, but we…

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