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Under Pressure!

Renal failure occurring in the setting of acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is traditionally believed to be due to renal hypoperfusion from poor “forward flow”. This mechanism has intuitive appeal, and appears to be borne out by our…

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Are all thiazides created equal?

At the Brigham Renal Board Review course (review of board prep options) a few weeks ago, Dr Burton Rose argued that for all of us who use thiazide diuretics (review of thiazides) to treat mild hypertension, chlorthalidone should…

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Thiazide Diuretics

There is a good review article in this month’s NEJM entitled “Use of Diuretics in Patients with Hypertension” by Ernst and Moser which focuses predominantly on the thiazide class of diuretics. The thiazides are considered a FUNCTIONAL rather…

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Kidney Clips

It’s the weekend, I need to decompress from the boards. Here’s some random kidney-related clips. The first is pretty bizarre. This next one is pretty basic, but the animation is good.

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