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Confusing Sign

Everyone has a certain diagnosis in Nephrology that is just hard to understand. For me, it has been the diagnosis of MPGN (membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis). After extensive reading, I have developed a couple of pearls and interesting points that…

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A Man’s Best Friend

I’m sure many of you have a pet dog. Well, as Rover quietly licks himself in the corner, few would believe that he may hold the key to unlocking the genetic secrets of human disease, as suggested by…

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Useful Autoantibodies in Lupus Nephritis

Quick review of the autoantibodies that may be useful in the diagnosis and management of patients with lupus-related kidney disease: anti-nuclear antibody (ANA):  as well as know from our internal medicine days:  very sensitive, but not very specific….

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2003 Lupus Nephritis Classification Updates

The World Health Organization (WHO) of lupus nephritis has provided a useful and simple framework for understanding this complex disease. In 2003, a committe of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) & Renal Pathologic Society (RPS) instituted some…

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Neonatal Lupus

Neonatal lupus occurs when autoantibodies are transmitted from the mother to the fetus; it usually manifests as a transient and mild lupoid rash which lasts 3-6 months, but can also result in more serious manifestations such as congenital…

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Treating Lupus Nephritis During Pregnancy

It is somewhat controversial whether or not pregnant women with lupus experience flares more frequently than their non-pregnant counterparts.  Regardless, however, the issue of a lupus flare in a pregnant patient is not uncommon, especially considering that the…

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