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Lupus Podocytopathy

I recently finished my 2nd month on the consult service which was a very exciting time for me because I saw patients with every class of Lupus with different kinds of presentations. It was especially rewarding because I…

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The use of Rituximab in Kidney Disease

Rituximab, the monoclonal chimeric anti-CD20 antibody, is an effective B-Cell depleting agent and continues to gather data for its use in a wide range of conditions relevant for the Nephrologist. It was also a pre-season favourite in the…

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SLE and Dialysis

It is well known that patients who are referred to see a nephrologist earlier in the course of their disease are more likely to start dialysis with a functioning fistula and have better overall survival relative to those…

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Lupus – persistent low complements

Consider a patient with long-standing SLE who has biopsy proven WHO class IV lupus nephritis, previously treated with cyclophosphamide and steroids, which induced remission. Due to recurrence of proteinuria and desire to remain steroid-free, MMF was commenced with…

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High Maintenance

Many nephrologists will have faced “interesting specialty, shame about the evidence-base” jokes in the past. However, following a profusion of randomised controlled trials in lupus nephritis, we are now entering an era where we can integrate data to…

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