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Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome

Congenital nephrotic syndrome only makes up between 2-8% of all forms of nephrotic syndrome, but is a hot topic in that there are numerous genes continuously being identified which are helping to advance our understanding of podocyte biology….

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Any nephrologist practicing in the U.S. does not need to be told that there is an increased incidence of end-stage renal disease in blacks. Furthermore, certain diseases–such as collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), occur almost exclusively in black…

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Zebrafish Glomerular Experiments

The zebrafish kidney is being increasingly studied, as it appears to offer several advantages for studying renal function. For one, it is transparent, allowing one to visualize kidney development in real-time. Second, it is a simplified system consisting…

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Collapsing Variant of FSGS

The collapsing form of FSGS is a histologic variant which is characterized by mesangial hypercellularity and resultant collapse of the glomerular capillaries, as illustrated in the photo to the left. Its identification is important for prognostic reasons as…

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Nephrotic Syndrome Trivia Question

Nephrotic Syndrome Trivia Question: Name two different athletes, both with nephrotic syndrome due to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).Answer: Most people are aware of Alonzo Mourning, the NBA center who was diagnosed with FSGS which forced his temporary retirement…

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I would highly recommend the following book for renal fellows everywhere: “Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant: A Short History of Failing Kidneys“, by Steven Peitzman. I am presently reading it during my trips on the “T” while commuting into Mass…

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The Ponticelli Protocol

When one is just beginning as a nephrology fellow, it may seem as if all the major glomerular diseases (e.g., membranous nephropathy, FSGS, lupus, etc) are all treated with the same protocols and same immunosuppressive agents: steroids, Cytoxan,…

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