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Interferon effects on the kidney

Interferons are cytokines which play a central role in the inflammatory response, and commercially prepared interferons have proven useful in the treatment of several diseases. For instance, interferon-alpha (often used in conjunction with ribavirin) is often used in…

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Transplant Glomerulopathy

As acute rejection rates continue to fall, causes of late allograft loss, such as transplant glomerulopathy (TG), become increasingly important. TG should spring to mind when you encounter a renal transplant recipient who develops heavy proteinuria and progressive…

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Secondary Causes of Membranous Nephropathy

Although the majority of membranous nephropathy falls under the “idiopathic” category, there are a variety of causes of secondary membranous nephropathy. It is quite important to eliminate these entities as possible diagnoses, as the treatment for secondary membranous…

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The Proteinuria Controversy

One of the largest controversies in the field of proteinuria/nephrotic syndrome research derives from a 2007 Kidney International paper published by Russo et al. Briefly stated, the authors suggest the paradigm-shifting idea that the glomerulus filters massive amounts…

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Congenital analbuminemia

Plasma oncotic pressure is important to prevent edema, right? And you would think that albumin, which plays a critical role in the binding of multiple plasma proteins and ionized calcium, is essential to life, right? The rare, autosomal…

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Rituxan for Membranous Nephropathy?

Clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of various therapies of membranous nephropathy is a tricky business, given the natural history of the disease: because about 1/3 of patients spontaneously remit, it is often difficult to say that a patient’s…

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The Many Faces of IgA Nephropathy

Heard a case this morning regarding an elderly white patient who presented with nephrotic syndrome and minimal hematuria. After going through the extensive differential diagnosis, focusing largely on the likely candidates (membranous nephropathy and minimal change disease), the…

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Renal Vein Thrombosis

Renal vein thrombosis is a thrombotic occlusion of one or both renal veins. Its most common cause is nephrotic syndrome, which is a hypercoaguable state though to be due at least in part to loss of the anticoagulant…

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