New to the Blogosphere: CJASN eJournalClub

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The latest entrant into the blogging community comes to us from CJASN in the form of their new eJournalClub. It’s a neat site, the editors choose an interesting article, put it up with an editorial and then have a forum for the public and authors to have at it. The site does require you to login with your ASN membership and has a close to seizure inducing flashing icon of recent CJASN covers that could be toned down.

This month my buddy and co-fellow Cristina Arce, had her recent article on hispanic ethnicity and vascular access use selected for the site which is very cool.

So we’ve got eAJKD, Kidney International Podcast, the JASN app and now eJournalClub from CJASN. What’s going on NDT?


  1. Just so you know…

    I emailed ASN and asked about membership, and I've just received their reply…they do not accept memberships for patients.

    Color me irrelevant.

  2. Thanks…I've never looked into Nephrology On-Demand. Kidney School rocks! I have looked at the blogs and sites on the RFN sidebar, and they've been very interesting. I visit PubMed a lot, too.

    I am a premium member over at IHD; I blather a LOT over there! LOL! I often refer other renal patients/caregivers to RFN.

    I'll look into joining ASN; I have come across so many journals I'd love to subscribe to, but I'd go broke if I signed up for all of them. I have 30 pills a day to pay for! LOL!

    I can't think of anything I've found in my "travels" that you probably don't know about already. NxStage Users is now "Home Dialyzors United". Home Dialysis Central is great because Dr. Agar is so willing to answer any question one may have about CKD or ESRD/dialysis in language that is easily accessible. I like Dr. Singh's blog for information that is more academic, but I know you are already familiar with his site. If I find something new, I'll let you know, but I usually come HERE to find any new sites.

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. MooseMom,

    You can join ASN and get access! Email them or give them a call…
    Phone# 202-640-4660

    For general information I recommend the NKF, AKF and Kidney School websites and for those that want to dig deeper the blogs and sites listed on the RFN sidebar are the next level along with going to the library for open access to PubMed. For connecting with others with kidney problems there's Patients Like Me and I Hate Dialysis.

    Anything you've found in your travels I should check out?

  4. Once again, this is a source of information that a mere patient does not have easy access to. So I'm curious…if you had a newly diagnoses CKD patient who wanted to delve into more academic sites than Davita, to where would you direct him?

    Thank you.

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