Clinical Kidney Transplantation Course

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The Universiteit Leiden and Medical University Medical Center in the Netherlands recently launched an open online course in Clinical Kidney transplantation. This course is endorsed by the European Society of Organ transplantation (ESOT) and it is divided in five modules that you have to complete in 5 weeks, although turning off deadlines is optional:

1- Before the transplant.
2- The surgical procedures and the challenged patient, including the patient with diabetes
3- Early challenges
4- Late challenges after transplantation
5- Final Quiz

The modules include videos, 3D movies, interactive patient cases and a forum for discussions. You can add subtitles to the videos as well. Signing up is very easy (and free!) and you can watch the videos on your desktop or laptop or using your mobile device (I suggest to install the app Coursera for easy access)

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