RAAS is Your Friend: Pocket Guide to Heritable Blood Pressure Disorders

Throughout medical school and into residency, I have always found the interaction between renin and aldosterone very interesting, especially when learning about pathologies with hypertension that can alter their interactions. Despite this, I could never remember the pathophysiology of each of these conditions (how does licorice affect this system again and why do I need to know this?)

Thankfully, we recently had a wonderful lecture that spelled it all out in a way that made much more sense to me.

I made a table as a quick guide (click to download) to help anyone who still has to look up these conditions each time they are mentioned.

And check out another more comprehensive guide from Dr. James Luther (@DrJMLuther).


Post by: Anthony Provenzano, MD (@docpro89)
Nephrology Fellow
Duke University (@DukeKidney)

Edited 11/19/18- changed color scheme, removed ACTH line, made a few small edits
Edited 11/23/18- included normal on primary aldo

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