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When IgA-ttacks!

To many of us IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is a disease to be watched and monitored.  Most cases of IgAN in which the clinical course is aggressive occur with one of two atypical presentations: 1. Acute kidney injury (AKI)…

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New Cases Site from the UK RA

The UK Renal Association (RA); the professional body for UK nephrologists and renal scientists, has recently started a website to foster discussion of interesting cases (There is also a link in the sidebar). The site remains embryonic whilst…

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A matter of protocol

The use of the protocol transplant biopsy is a divisive topic: some units see a protocol program as necessary for proper management post-transplantation, whilst others deride the whole concept as unnecessary. So who is right? Protocol biopsies are…

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Sepsis & AKI – an insoluble problem?

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Whole Lot of Pressure

The maintenance of mean arterial pressure to prevent tissue dysoxia and conserve organ function is central to the management of the critically ill. In patients with increased capillary permeability this is often achieved by administration of large volumes…

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