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Pulsating glomeruli

It seems incredible now that it was only in 1998 that it was conclusively proven that the podocyte plays a vital role in the prevention of albuminuria. At that time mutations in NPHS1, encoding nephrin, were found in…

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Oral Dialysis

It’s an important anniversary for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and as a result there are events planned in all departments of the hospital over the next year. Not to be left out, the Renal Division invited some…

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Does that taste bad? – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post about turtles who may have a taste of urine in their mouths, here’s an interesting historical diversion about doctors who, in the past, intentionally drank urine to diagnose disease. An article in Scientific…

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Does that taste bad?

Better known as a delicacy in the Far East, the Chinese softshell turtle has generated some interest in the Nephrology world because of its unusual means of urea elimination. A paper was recently published in the Journal of…

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CKD Guidelines

AJKD this month has an extended editorial section on the KDOQI guidelines for CKD. It is now 10 years since these guidelines were introduced and their impact on nephrology has been significant, not least due to the fact…

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“The physicians are now constructing a machine capable of doing the work necessitated by a volume of blood circulating the a body weighing up to 20 pounds and, inasmuch as they have determined to their own satisfaction that…

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Happy Holidays

Dr Steele pointed me in the direction of this article from JAMA that was written back in 1927. Although not directly related to the world of Nephrology, it contains advice on building a relationship with your patients and…

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