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metabolic alkalosis

There’s no such thing as a contraction alkalosis

We recently discussed an excellent paper on the classification of metabolic alkalosis. The three suggested subtypes were primary and secondary stimulation of collecting duct ion transport and exogenous alkali administration. Another interesting editorial was just published in JASN…

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Classification of Metabolic Alkalosis

Dr John Gennari had another typically excellent review of metabolic alkalosis in AJKD in October. He suggests an alternative means of classifying a metabolic alkalosis according to the etiology of the alkalosis along with the physiological basis for…

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The urine’s the thing…

Vomiting or nasogastric tube (NG) decompression can lead to metabolic alkalosis, often associated with hypokalemia. When asked what the source of the K loss is, most people assume it is lost in the gastric fluid. However, gastric fluid…

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SGLT Inhibitors

A promising new class of oral hypoglycemic agents for type 2 diabetes, the SGLT inhibitors, are on the horizon. As they work on the kidney, and potentially have renal side effects, it may be helpful to review them….

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