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Phosphorous Binder Equivalent Dose

Ever encountered this situation?  You’re going about your daily business and discover that one of your patients on hemodialysis has an elevated phosphorous. You skim through the list of prerequisites and see that yes, the nutritionist has been…

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The PPI Paradox

Millions of people take long-term proton pump inhibitors for acid-related GI complaints. These agents are very effective and appear to have an excellent safety profile. However, they may also have interesting effects on calcium and phosphate balance that…

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Lipid-Lowering Effect of Renagel

This has been known for awhile, but it is worth repeating–sevelamer (Renagel), in addition to its ability to act as a phosphate binder, also results in LDL cholesterol-lowering effects. Two of the early articles (a 1998 Clinical Nephrology…

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Sevelamer Carbonate

Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride) is one of the most utilized phosphate binders in the U.S., though its superiority compared to other (and cheaper) phosphate binders remains controversial. One of the theoretical benefits of using Renagel is that it should…

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DCOR Trial

The DCOR Trial was a Genzyme-funded randomized control trial–somebody recently told me the largest ever conducted in a dialysis population–designed to compare the phosphate binder sevelamer (Renagel) with Ca-containing phosphate binders (calcium acetate a.k.a. Phoslo or calcium carbonate)….

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