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Lupus Podocytopathy

I recently finished my 2nd month on the consult service which was a very exciting time for me because I saw patients with every class of Lupus with different kinds of presentations. It was especially rewarding because I…

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Pulsating glomeruli

It seems incredible now that it was only in 1998 that it was conclusively proven that the podocyte plays a vital role in the prevention of albuminuria. At that time mutations in NPHS1, encoding nephrin, were found in…

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The Renopoietic System

Early in 2009 Nate posted on work suggesting that renal tubular epithelial cells had the ability to repopulate the renal tubular epithelium after ischemia reperfusion injury. Since then, some amazing work has been done on what have been…

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Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome

Congenital nephrotic syndrome only makes up between 2-8% of all forms of nephrotic syndrome, but is a hot topic in that there are numerous genes continuously being identified which are helping to advance our understanding of podocyte biology….

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Zebrafish Glomerular Experiments

The zebrafish kidney is being increasingly studied, as it appears to offer several advantages for studying renal function. For one, it is transparent, allowing one to visualize kidney development in real-time. Second, it is a simplified system consisting…

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What’s in a crescent?

What are the cells that make up crescents, the histopathologic hallmark of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis (RPGN)? Classically these have been thought to be the parietal epithelial cells which make up Bowman’s capsule. However there is now some thought…

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