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Spontaneous Tumor Lysis Syndrome

A 70 year old Ghanaian man was recently admitted under our care.  He had been diagnosed with aggressive myelodysplasia 2 months previously after presenting with fatigue and abnormal blood results (WBC 50.3, platelets 130 and LDH 928 at…

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Targeting Uric Acid in CKD

In our search for therapies to reduce CKD progression, hyperuricemia has historically not been a major target despite being a potential risk factor for progression. Two recent studies however, raise the possibility that treating hyperuricemia could slow progression….

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Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome

I remember learning about Lesch-Nyhan and thinking it was fascinating early on during a college course on neurology & behavior: affected children with this X-linked disorder develop the bizarre but highly characteristic behavior of self-mutilation, intentional biting of…

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Uric Acid & Hypertension

Keeping with our theme of uric acid from yesterday: Do elevated uric acid levels play a causative role in essential hypertension? I just finished attending the Renal Grand Rounds at Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital featuring Dr. Rick Johnson, a…

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Tumor Lysis Case

Interesting case from one of my calls last week (although I understandably would have been more enthusiastic about the case at the time had I been called about it 10 am rather than at 10 pm, prompting an…

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