Amazing Dialysis Biker

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Wow. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Shad Ireland, a 37 year-old dialysis patient, recently completed a cross-country bike trip which involved cycling from California to Washington, DC. Mr. Ireland has been on dialysis for 27 years, and had to plan his route so as to receive his regularly-scheduled dialysis treatments. He has also apparently completed an Iron Man Triathlon. His bike trip was meant to raise awareness for CKD/ESRD and certainly seems to have succeeded; the completion of his journey has been well-documented by several major news stations.

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  1. As one who has been on in-center hemodialysis for over 27 years, I can attest to the importance of a regular exercise program (both aerobic and anaerobic).

    It's a shame more nephrologists don't recommend it to their patients.

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