ASN’s New Logo

2024 2

The American Society revealed its new logo with the new year: a male form with two glowing kidneys visible inside him, striding into the future (at least, that’s my interpretation as to what he is doing–I guess alternate interpretations could include his being in the process of falling down, or perhaps hailing a cab…)

The logo replaces the traditional ASN logo, which is fairly simple:

You can learn more about the new ASN logo on the ASN homepage (just click on Mr. Kidney), but briefly the new logo is intended to go along with the ASN’s new tagline, “Leading the Fight Against Kidney Disease,” and is supposed to place greater emphasis on ASN’s leading role in patient care and important kidney-relevant policies.


  1. looks like a shemale with a big bud
    The design could have been better

  2. i dont like the new logo!

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