We Want You…to Participate in the 2023 Nephrology Fellow Survey

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Katherine Rizzolo, MD

This year marks the 10th year of the ASN Nephrology Fellow Survey! ASN surveys all current adult, pediatric, and meds/peds nephrology fellows regarding their fellowship experience. This anonymous, 5–10 minute survey will be released May 2 and run through May 19th.

Why is the ASN Fellows Survey important to you?

  1. Improve your training!

The ASN Nephrology Fellow Survey is critical feedback to improving your education. The nephrology fellow survey has been utilized to understand and improve the following areas of nephrology training in years’ past, including nephrology fellows’:

  1. Understand the nephrology job market!

See last year’s survey results for the highlights.

  1. Prizes!

You can win 2 Grand Prizes of Complimentary BRCU Registration (a $1695 value) and 10 Prizes of Complimentary 1-year ASN Membership upon completion of fellowship (a $425 value) to randomly selected survey respondents.

Please check your email (or spam folder) for the annual ASN Nephrology Fellow Survey. Search your inbox for Kurtis Pivert, ASN Data Science Officer. You can email him with questions, concerns, or to request a survey at kpivert@asn-online.org.

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