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CKD after AKI in the ICU

I give a regular talk to the residents in the ICU on CRRT and one of the things that I focus on is prognosis. We all know that the outcomes of patients requiring CRRT in the ICU are…

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What are you smoking?

I recently saw an interesting case series published in CJASN where they reported four cases of oliguric AKI  associated with synthetic cannabinoids use. Renal biopsy revealed acute tubular injury in three of them and calcium oxalate crystals  in…

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Image of the Month

The renal services were consulted on a man in his late 70s with a distant history of colon cancer, recent pneumonia and NSTEMI, for investigation of worsening renal function. He had sub-nephrotic range proteinuria (2-3 g/24 hours) and…

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eJournal Club – Albuminuria and AKI

This month’s eJournal club concerns biomarkers of AKI. There has been considerable interest in developing novel biomarkers of AKI and CKD and a lot of effort has been focused on novel biomarkers such as NGAL, KIM-1 and IL-18….

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Differentiation Syndrome

I was recently rounding on a gentleman in the ICU with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) who, after starting induction therapy with tretinoin (all-trans retinoic acid), developed fever, hypotension, new pulmonary infiltrates with associated respiratory failure and AKI requiring…

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Mercury rising

A patient who had been working in a recycling company that handled thermometers presented with fever, dry cough, fatigue and rash. Based on imaging (CXR showed massive radio-opaque material in the lungs, right atrium and right ventricle; skeletal…

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The ABCs of ADME in AKI

The pharmacokinetics of a drug refers to the study of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of that drug (often referred to as ADME). Each of these characteristics can be greatly altered in a patient presenting with acute…

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