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No more folic acid

Although tangetial to nephrology in some ways, I believe a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has important lessons for anyone involved in clinical medicine and should make us think about the things that we do reflexively…

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CJASN Activities

Two ASN-related activities to mention happening in the next couple of months. First, CJASN eJC will be hosting a twitter conversation about the recently published commentary “Training the Next Generation’s Nephrology Workforce. This will be hosted by Amar…

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A bit of housekeeping here – I noticed that all of our current course announcements were out of date. These have now been updated with the most recent versions of each course including the following courses coming up…

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Exams Are Coming

This season’s Game of Thrones finished last night and as a nephrology-themed homage, a trainee from Malaysia, Lee Jun, created this poster during downtime while studying for his exams. Enjoy.

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A few months ago, a paper was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology that caused a sensation in it’s home country – Denmark. Using registry data, and the diagnosis of non-melanomatous skin cancer as a proxy for…

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Unusual transplant immunology case

File this under something that we are never likely to see in clinical practice. In 2002 a fascinating case report was published in the New England Journal of Medicine concerning unusual findings during a work-up for a living…

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Hyponatremia Guidelines – NephJC

Tomorrow night will be the 4th edition of the Nephrology Journal Club on twitter.The article this week is unusual – it is a clinical practice guideline for the management of hyponatremia that was published in NDT, the European…

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Nephmadess is Back

Nephmadness, the renal counterpoint to the NCAA tournament is back again this year. It is being hosted by eAJKD and the new website looks great. I am looking forward to setting my bracket when the tournament starts on…

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