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Lonely Glomeruli

One of the difficulties in doing molecular research on the kidney is the diversity highly specialized cells that exist in the glomerulus. As a result, it is important to be able to isolate glomerular tissue from the surrounding…

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Update on Membranous Nephropathy

U Penn established an annual one-day seminar in nephrology symposium. This year was titled “New Horizons in Nephrology: Updates in Glomerular Disease”. Dr. Beck from Boston University gave the update on membranous nephropathy (MN). Previously, we discussed his…

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The American Journal of Kidney Diseases published a fascinating letter this month from Jochen Reiser’s group concerning the transmission of the suPAR from a mother to her newborn infant. The patient in question had a history of primary…

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Isolated C3 deposits on an inflammed glomeruli

Six months after a kidney transplant, a patient developed a rising creatinine, significant proteinuria (~2g/day), hematuria and low C3 levels. A kidney graft biopsy showed severe glomerulonephritis with mostly occluded capillary loops with immunofluorescence staining negative for immunoglobulins…

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Heavy Chain Deposition Disease

As an intern, and I’m sure many can relate to this story, I remember trailing after the team, disheveled and exhausted as we rounded endlessly postcall one day. Our hospital had the county jail contract and as we…

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MPGN: Think Different

In the week that Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple, it seems appropriate to tip our cap to that guru of simplicity, and take a stripped down, simplified approach to one of the biggest quagmires in…

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