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Mg & K

It is well known that hypokalemia does not correct easily if it is accompanied by hypomagnesemia. A medical student I met looked into this topic and found a “Science in Renal Medicine” article. According to this article, one of…

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PPI-Associated Hypomagnesemia

At renal grand rounds today, we heard about a case of severe hypomagnesemia in a patient who was on chronic omeprazole therapy. While the etiology of the low Mg2+ was likely multifactorial, I was surprised to find out…

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An excursion into Magnesium homeostasis

Magnesium (Mg++) is a predominantly intracellular divalent cation which is critical for many metabolic processes and participates in >300 enzymatic reactions. It is essential for many critical transporters including the Sodium/Potassium ATPase cotransporter. Mg++ also has a critical…

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TRP Channels in Nephrology

The TRP (transient receptor potential) family of proteins is a group of related ion channels which is becoming increasingly relevant to the field of nephrologists. The TRPs are cation channels which are responsible for moving Ca2+ and Mg2+…

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Hereditary Magnesium Wasting

There are a variety of interesting genetic diseases that can cause hereditary Magnesium wasting. Renal magnesium handling is a little different than other ions in that the primary site of reabsorption is not the proximal convoluted tubule. Rather,…

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