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MDIBL Origins of Renal Physiology Course

What the killifish can teach nephrologists

Killifish are small, brightly-colored tropical fish which number well over a thousand different species. What makes them of interest to renal physiologists is their ability to adapt to both freshwater AND saltwater. It’s not a trivial accomplishment: when…

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Zebrafish Glomerular Experiments

The zebrafish kidney is being increasingly studied, as it appears to offer several advantages for studying renal function. For one, it is transparent, allowing one to visualize kidney development in real-time. Second, it is a simplified system consisting…

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From Fish To Philosopher

Homer Smith is considered the Father of Renal Physiology. He was a PhD (rather than an MD) whose studies on the fish renal system are amongst the first renal physiology experiments. For instance, his work on the goosefish…

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