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A great combination

Since the retraction of the COOPERATE trial by the Lancet late last year (following Regina Kunz’s famous ‘letter of concern’), combination RAAS blockade has suffered something of a fall from grace. This was dealt a second blow by…

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Don’t forget to look for proteinuria!

At Renal Grand Rounds yesterday, we discussed the case of a previously healthy 50 year old man who presented with fulminant hepatic failure and AKI. He was initially thought to have AKI related to either SIRS/hypotension or Hepatorenal…

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Did you know your endothelium is hairy?

Just heard an interesting talk on endothelial dysfunction and its relation to nephrology.  One thing I learned is that the vascular endothelium is actually “hairy”, as demonstrated from this electron micrograph (taken from this website). These little hairs…

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The actin cytoskeleton of the podocyte

Peter Mundel, a well-known researcher of podocyte biology, gave our Renal Grand Rounds today.  Here’s what I took away from this morning’s talk: -regulation of the podocyte’s actin cytoskeleton is postulated to be the final common pathway in…

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Interferon effects on the kidney

Interferons are cytokines which play a central role in the inflammatory response, and commercially prepared interferons have proven useful in the treatment of several diseases. For instance, interferon-alpha (often used in conjunction with ribavirin) is often used in…

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Transplant Glomerulopathy

As acute rejection rates continue to fall, causes of late allograft loss, such as transplant glomerulopathy (TG), become increasingly important. TG should spring to mind when you encounter a renal transplant recipient who develops heavy proteinuria and progressive…

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