The Painless Guide to Mastering Clinical Acid Base

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Apologies to Ben for the delay in posting about this.

Ben Abelow is an MD in New Haven who has long had an interest in teaching basic acid base physiology. In the late 1990s he published a primer for acid base that was very well received. Earlier this year, he published a new book, also on acid base physiology called “The Painless Guide to Mastering Clinical Acid Base”. The purpose of this book is to help medical students and junior trainees grasp the basics of how to approach acid base problems while also give them the tools that they need to effectively teach acid-base in a simple and easy to understand way.

The first part of the book in particular very simply explains the basic chemistry behind acid base physiology and is very useful – I learned a few pearls that I will be using on rounds in the future. The rest of the book may be a little simple for renal fellows but it is short and very accessible so I think it is well worth reviewing at least once.

Ben’s book is available on Amazon. He has also offered it for free to all first year renal fellows in the US. He is contacting program directors around the country to send them the book. If they are not responsive, he will be able to provide the books to individual fellows.

Thanks again Ben for this – students are always complaining that Renal Physiology is too complex but this really does make it simple


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  2. How can I reach out to DrAbelow about acquiring a free copy of his book. I'm a first year fellow.

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