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Free eBook on Acid Base

Benjamin Abelow’s book: The Painless Guide to Mastering Clinical Acid-Base is available again as a free download in recognition of the new class of incoming nephrology fellows. We have highlighted this book in the past. It is a…

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Spare the Chloride

Fluid therapy is essential in ICUs and not surprisingly there is still much controversy about which fluid to use, how much and when. Nephrologists often roll their eyes at other subspecialty’s preferences, e.g. surgeon’s preferences for Ringers, citing…

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From acid to nephrocalcinosis to stones

Can you have an acidosis with normal serum bicarbonate? Of course you can, it’s just incomplete. Incomplete distal renal tubular acidosis (idRTA) that is. RTA was first described in 1935, confirmed as a renal tubular disorder in 1946,…

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Hyperammonemia in Myeloma: Dialyze?

 A middle aged man with IgG kappa multiple myeloma previously treated with bortezomib and lenalidomide presented to the hospital with altered mental status. He had completed chemotherapy months prior to presentation. Shortly after being admitted, he progressed to…

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Low Anion Gap

Classically, we are taught to look out for an elevated anion gap in patients with a metabolic acidosis. Although much less common, a low anion gap can also be a useful sign and there are a variety of…

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