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Blast from the past: the hepatorenal reflex revisited

How does sodium retention occur in liver cirrhosis? Most of us accept Schrier’s peripheral arterial vasodilation hypothesis. This hypothesis postulates that overproduction of vasodilatory substances in the splanchnic circulation in cirrhosis leads to splanchnic pooling and decreased “effective”…

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Critically ill patients receiving continuous renal replacement therapy are frequently given heparin to maintain circuit patency. In the presence of active HIT-II or HITT, even in the absence of clinical thrombosis, systemic anticoagulation with a direct thrombin inhibitor…

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‘Failure to thrive’ on PD

A few months ago I took care of a patient who, having been on peritoneal dialysis for a number of years, was losing weight, had poor small solute clearances and worsening edema. We transitioned her over to HD…

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Pregnancy in the Dialysis Patient

While recently reading about hypogonadism in the dialysis population, I came across this review on the pregnancy outcomes in women on dialysis, summarizing observational studies published between 1995 and 2009. I have participated in only a few pregnancy-planning…

ACE-inhibitor induced hyponatremia

I’ve always been skeptical about ACE inhibitors as a cause of hyponatremia, despite there being almost 20 case reports of this complication in the literature. Given the fact that so many patients I see are taking an ACE…

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