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The Story of Kidney Evolution

Mythri Shankar, MD, DNBAssistant Professor of NephrologyInstitute of Nephrourology, Bengaluru, India@nephromythri “Homeostasis” is a steady state of internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by the body in order to sustain life. This homeostasis in the human body is…

Dialysis Catheters 101

Sai Santhoshini Achi, MDInternal Medicine Resident at Harlem HospitalIncoming Nephrology Fellow at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston@SaiAchi1 On the first day of my inpatient medicine rotation, I had three patients with dialysis catheters. I kept…

Acute Kidney Injury: Call It By Its Name

Shina Menon, MDDepartment of Pediatrics, University of WashingtonDivision of Nephrology, Seattle Children’s HospitalTwitter: @menonshina “Morning labs show a bump in creatinine’’ How often have you heard this on rounds? Sometimes it might just be a small increase in…

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