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Kidney Biopsy Case: AKI

A 54 year old man was referred to the Nephrology service due to AKI after presenting with lethargy and severe thirst. He had a long history of pulmonary and hepatic sarcoidosis which had been quiescent for some time….

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Lead Nephrotoxicity

I saw a patient in the clinic who was referred for evaluation by his PCP with CKD, a bland urine sediment and a history of hyperuricemia and gout. He had no history of diabetes or hypertension and had…

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Warfarin-induced AKI

We have recently posted about problems using warfarin in renal patients. On a similar note, I was recently involved in the care of a 58-year-old African-American patient who presented with oliguric AKI and a supratherapeutic INR level of…

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Steroids for AIN? Poll Results

Very interesting results from last week’s poll, in which the question asked was essentially, “Do you believe that steroids are effective in the treatment of AIN?”  The vote was generally split 50-50; that is, about half of individuals…

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