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interstitial nephritis

Kidney Biopsy Case: AKI

A 54 year old man was referred to the Nephrology service due to AKI after presenting with lethargy and severe thirst. He had a long history of pulmonary and hepatic sarcoidosis which had been quiescent for some time….

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Lead Nephrotoxicity

I saw a patient in the clinic who was referred for evaluation by his PCP with CKD, a bland urine sediment and a history of hyperuricemia and gout. He had no history of diabetes or hypertension and had…

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Warfarin-induced AKI

We have recently posted about problems using warfarin in renal patients. On a similar note, I was recently involved in the care of a 58-year-old African-American patient who presented with oliguric AKI and a supratherapeutic INR level of…

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