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Nathan Hellman

Drug Trials

Last week’s poll results:  who should provide funding for large, randomized controlled drug trials?  Most respondents (58%) chose the diplomatic answer and said that it should be a combination between government and pharmaceutical companies.  I was somewhat surprised…

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The actin cytoskeleton of the podocyte

Peter Mundel, a well-known researcher of podocyte biology, gave our Renal Grand Rounds today.  Here’s what I took away from this morning’s talk: -regulation of the podocyte’s actin cytoskeleton is postulated to be the final common pathway in…

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How Luminex Beads Work

You may have come across the phrase “Luminex beads” while doing your transplant nephrology rotation, or heard the term while hanging out in the Tissue Typing Lab. This post is intended to briefly describe the Luminex technology and…

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Green Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid

This month’s Kidney International “Nephrology Image” features a report by Chen et al in which they describe a PD patient who noted cloudy, deep green dialysate fluid upon drainage of their peritoneum. They also presented with right upper…

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AJKD Bundling Editorials

This month’s issue of AJKD includes an enlightening group of 6 editorials, each written from a unique perspective (e.g., the perspective of large dialysis corporations, the perspective of the ESRD Networks, the perspective of non-profit dialysis corporations, etc.),…

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The Business of Dialysis

An interesting figure in this month’s ASN Kidney News details the quarterly earnings for three major dialysis companies in the U.S.: DaVita, Dialysis Corporation of America (DCA), and Fresenius. Also included in the figure (not shown here) is…

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ASN’s New Logo

The American Society revealed its new logo with the new year: a male form with two glowing kidneys visible inside him, striding into the future (at least, that’s my interpretation as to what he is doing–I guess alternate…

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Interferon effects on the kidney

Interferons are cytokines which play a central role in the inflammatory response, and commercially prepared interferons have proven useful in the treatment of several diseases. For instance, interferon-alpha (often used in conjunction with ribavirin) is often used in…

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