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The use of Rituximab in Kidney Disease

Rituximab, the monoclonal chimeric anti-CD20 antibody, is an effective B-Cell depleting agent and continues to gather data for its use in a wide range of conditions relevant for the Nephrologist. It was also a pre-season favourite in the…

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Mmm, let’s try rituximab

Mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC) is a systemic vasculitis in which B cell clones produce IgM with rheumatoid factor activity. The disease can range in severity from isolated skin lesions to full blown renal and neurological involvement. Most patients are…

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Choose your poison

The way drug discoveries happen is always fascinating. Today, I heard Dr Nadler describe how he discovered Rituximab. He was a young oncology fellow at Dana-Farber back in 1979 when he convinced a colleague dentist to teach him…

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