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Acute Kidney Injury: Call It By Its Name

Shina Menon, MDDepartment of Pediatrics, University of WashingtonDivision of Nephrology, Seattle Children’s HospitalTwitter: @menonshina “Morning labs show a bump in creatinine’’ How often have you heard this on rounds? Sometimes it might just be a small increase in…

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Acute Oxalate Nephropathy

Acute oxalate nephropathy is a rare but well described cause of acute kidney injury (AKI) leading to acute tubular necrosis due to the deposition of calcium oxalate crystals within the tubules. Acute oxalate nephropathy can occur in both…

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Jaundice and Renal Failure

In patients with combined renal and liver dysfunction it is important to differentiate between renal impairment that is secondary to liver disease i.e. hepatorenal syndrome, and conditions where an insult directly affects both the liver and kidney.  …

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Cidofovir nephrotoxicity and Probenecid

I recently saw an interesting case. A woman was being treated with cidofovir for adenovirus which was presumed to be responsible for an acute cardiomyopathy. Concurrent with cidofovir, she was also receiving probenecid for renoprotection, which I was…

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