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membranous nephropathy

The use of Rituximab in Kidney Disease

Rituximab, the monoclonal chimeric anti-CD20 antibody, is an effective B-Cell depleting agent and continues to gather data for its use in a wide range of conditions relevant for the Nephrologist. It was also a pre-season favourite in the…

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Update on Membranous Nephropathy

U Penn established an annual one-day seminar in nephrology symposium. This year was titled “New Horizons in Nephrology: Updates in Glomerular Disease”. Dr. Beck from Boston University gave the update on membranous nephropathy (MN). Previously, we discussed his…

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Image of the Month

A man in his early 60s was being treated for metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung for 2 years. Recently, he had  been complaining of increasing hemoptysis and a PET CT was performed which showed progression of his disease….

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Secondary Causes of Membranous Nephropathy

Although the majority of membranous nephropathy falls under the “idiopathic” category, there are a variety of causes of secondary membranous nephropathy. It is quite important to eliminate these entities as possible diagnoses, as the treatment for secondary membranous…

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