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GlomCon Nephropathology Essentials

The goal of the GlomCon Teaching Platform is to enable Nephrologists, Nephropathologists, and trainees in Medicine, Nephrology, and Pathology to connect with each other to 1) Discuss challenging cases, 2) Share clinical experiences and 3) Obtain the expertise of participating…

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Lonely Glomeruli

One of the difficulties in doing molecular research on the kidney is the diversity highly specialized cells that exist in the glomerulus. As a result, it is important to be able to isolate glomerular tissue from the surrounding…

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Pathology Case of the Month

An elderly woman presented for evaluation to the rheumatology service with arthritis and neuropathy. She was hypertensive and had microscopic hematuria with dysmorphic red cells on microscopy. Her creatinine was 1.6 which had not changed in the previous…

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Image of the Month – GN with a twist

A man in his 30s with no significant medical history presented to the ED following a fainting episode. Routine screening found an abnormal creatinine, hematuria and proteinuria. Serological work-up including complements were negative. In view of a slowly…

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Pathology Image of the Month

A 47 year old man with ESRD secondary to a chronic TMA presented 3 months following a renal transplant with a rising creatinine (1.44 mg/dl from a baseline of 0.9 mg/dl). His prograf level had ranged from 5-7….

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Image of the Month

A man in his early 60s was being treated for metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung for 2 years. Recently, he had  been complaining of increasing hemoptysis and a PET CT was performed which showed progression of his disease….

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