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Did you know your endothelium is hairy?

Just heard an interesting talk on endothelial dysfunction and its relation to nephrology.  One thing I learned is that the vascular endothelium is actually “hairy”, as demonstrated from this electron micrograph (taken from this website). These little hairs…

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Classification of Cryoglobulins and MPGN

Cryoglobulinemia is characterized by the presence of circulating antibodies which precipitate at cooler temperatures, and not infrequently leads to renal failure/glomerulonephritis. The stereotypical histologic lesion of cryoglobulinemia is membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, which takes the appearance on light microscopy of…

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Osmotic Nephrosis

“Osmotic nephrosis” is a term which describes a common form of renal tubular injury in response to hyperosmolar substances. It is especially relevant to iv contrast nephropathy, and was first observed in animals and human patients infused with…

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Pathology of BK Nephropathy

BK Nephropathy refers to damage suffered to a renal allograft as a result of the polyomavirus BK virus.   It is named based on the fact that it was originally isolated in the urine of a kidney transplant…

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Banff ’07 Criteria Reviewed

Trick question:  where was the 9th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology in 2007 held?  Hint:  it wasn’t Banff (the beautiful national park in western Canada).  Answer:  La Coruna, Spain.  At this conference a consensus regarding the histopathologic classification…

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atheroembolic renal disease

I heard a lecture not too long ago on atheroembolic renal disease which claimed that atheroembolic renal disease is to nephrology as sarcoidosis is to internal medicine. That is to say, it can present in a myriad of…

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Reticular Inclusions in HIVAN

The histology of HIVAN (HIV-Associated Nephropathy), at the light microscopy level, is indistinguishable from that of collapsing FSGS: the glomerular capillary loops are collapsed. Furthermore, both entities demonstrate foot process effacement (as in all forms of nephrotic syndrome)…

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